Top 20 Albums of 2022: 1-10

You’ve already eyeballed the 11-20 shortlist, so now, here you have it; the coveted 1-10. The albums I really couldn’t help but reach for, time and time again. If you can dare put down the Twiglets, grab a sherry instead and have a read… 

  1. ‘Reeling’ — The Mysterines

As luck would have it, the Liverpudlian rockers got their as-per-title wish; I’m still ‘Reeling’ from how immaculately heavy and seductively superb this debut is. 

  1. ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’ — The Amazons

It’s as though The Amazons knew how to craft music to match my defining moments… It wasn’t their boldest album, but it’s spookily poignant at all the right times.

  1. ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’ — Kid Kapichi

Just when you thought the Hastings punk-rockers couldn’t get more explosively exciting and politically charged, they release a carnage-ensuing follow-up

  1. ‘Heavy Like a Headache’ — The Ninth Wave

One of my favourite synth-led indie outfits hung up their Dr. Martens as a group in March and it was devastating. Their final LP was one of sheer, honest beauty. 

  1. ‘angel in realtime.’ — Gang of Youths 

The tender clarity of every lyric on this album should be celebrated. It’s a tearjerker-stuffed collection of reflective, wistful melodies that are just fabulous. 

  1. ‘Datura’ — Boston Manor

Boston Manor’s very finest work didn’t just emerged in 2022, it pounced into action. How their tunes haven’t burned a hole in my earphones yet is beyond me…

  1. ‘WE’RE ALL GONNA F***ING DIE.’ — Sick Joy

This bunch not only understood how to select a cool-as-hell band name but their saucy shredding riffs culminated in a red-hot debut, and then some.

  1. ‘Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers’ — Kendrick Lamar

Two discs of divine, hip-hop-varnished poetry set Kendrick Lamar ahead of the pack once more this year. It might not be my number one, but it was many editors’ picks.

  1. ‘Burn The Empire’ — The Snuts

The Glaswegian greats are modern-day anarchists in a blissfully indie-rock disguise. And they must’ve had a ‘Hallelujah Moment’ when they put this together… 

  1. ‘It’s Almost Dry’ — Pusha T

He’s King Push for a reason; his rap royalty speaks for itself, and ‘Dreamin Of The Past’ was a show-stealer despite its collaborator’s controversy. 


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