Top 20 Albums of 2022: 11-20

The formula for how to whittle down a year’s worth of the sickest, slickest albums doesn’t require a code; it’s a simple case of what I’ve listened to religiously. And I wasn’t interested in pressing pause on these belters.

11 to 20, with a little rationale, as follows:

  1. ‘Fragments’ — Bonobo

My favourite DJ delivered 12 effortlessly enchanting tracks just 14 days into 2022. They sent shockwaves through my speakers and shivers down my spine. 

  1. ‘The Hunna’ — The Hunna

Among the begging crowd, I was treated to a first live play of The Hunna’s self-titled emo masterpiece at their Leeds show, and the studio sound was even crisper. 

  1. ‘Surrender’ — Maggie Rogers

It’s a very different pick genre-wise for me, but when the jaunty pop goodness of Maggie Rogers was introduced to my ears, I sat upright and took note. 

  1. ‘Pawns & Kings’ — Alter Bridge

My dear Dad said this wasn’t AB’s best, but sorry, this was still a huge head-banging invitation by my standards. ‘Holiday’ is a ripper, and the artwork is ace. 

  1. ‘Gulp!’ — Sports Team

If ‘The Drop’ wasn’t one of your summer soundtracks, where were you? Alex Rice and his pals set an epic pace with this delectably fresh record. 

  1. ‘Cheat Codes’ — Danger Mouse, Black Thought

Naughty, electronically-fuelled rap coming right at you. Guests on this mega-drop included Run The Jewels, Michael Kiwanuka, MF Doom and many more.

  1. ‘Radiate Like This’ — Warpaint

Six years after their last album, ‘Radiate Like This’ sprang me into the avant-garde spheres again, initially spearheaded by mellow ‘Champion’. 

  1. ‘Choose Your Fighter’ — Nova Twins

A firing-on-all-cylinders debut that earned Nova Twins their Mercury Prize nomination, deservedly. They blew the roof off King Tut’s when I saw them, too.  

  1. ‘Sick Moon’ — False Heads

The mighty False Heads seized the spotlight with a punk record that was littered with more melodic indie magic, which is why it was extra exciting. 

  1. ‘Time Skiffs’ — Animal Collective

2009 me was delighted to have the godparents of indie back in the game once again, with the opener, ‘Dragon Slayer’, leading the returning charge. 


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