‘Reeling’ — The Mysterines — Album review

What better time for The Mysterines to release their debut album than when I’m heading to Liverpool for the weekend? The four-piece hail from the city, which has music intertwined in the fabric of its DNA. And do you know what? This is absolutely a band you need to start digging immediately, if you aren’t already. They’re addictively heavy and curiously threatening, in the very best ways.

The seductive vocals alone make ‘Reeling’ a game-changer of a debut. It’s fierce and empowering at every turn, with ferocious guitars and ground-shaking drums. Plus, the occasional panning techniques give your earphones a good blast of supercharged riffs from left to right, until they collide into one sound bombastically. It’s also fairly poignant — whether coincidental or not — that this offering lands at the end of the week that saw International Women’s Day posts and celebrations. And, as a female, it’s technically marked daily for myself and many, but if we want to shout about women excelling in the industry, let’s do so with this remarkable record.

The gigantic favourites of ‘Hung Up’, ‘In My Head’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘The Bad Thing’ still have the right formulae to stand out. Though I’m sure we’ll all agree that the opener, ‘Life’s a Bitch (But I Like it So Much)’, has all the trappings of a certified banger. But that doesn’t mean the other newbies don’t rear their heads enough — make no mistake, there are no fillers on this album. Take note of the classic rock and roll style of ‘Old Friends / Die Hard’, which gives me Western film vibes. And, as an unforeseen bonus, there’s something a bit ‘Enter Sandman’ about the main riff of ‘Means To Bleed’. I’m all over it.

Things are softer on the acoustic-led ‘Still Call You Home’, while the reflective finale, ‘Confession Song’, is slow, dark and suitably mysterious. It’s a hell of a way to round off an alluringly enigmatic collection of tunes that are sometimes aloof in nature, but consistently enchanting and all-encompassing meanwhile. The Mysterines have done themselves complete justice here throughout.

Ultimately, it’s a titanium-clad triumph and I’m totally reeled in. Oh, I wouldn’t have it any other way…

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘Hung Up’

Original image via Spotify

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