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Where is Record Weekly based?

Record Weekly is predominantly based in Leeds, UK, but spends some time in Glasgow.

What does Record Weekly provide?

Record Weekly is a one-stop shop for album, single and gig reviews, alongside interviews and music-related articles. It also offers an EPK bio writing and consulting service through Thistle PR & Promotion.

Does Record Weekly interview lots of different musicians?

Absolutely. Record Weekly is always on the lookout for talent to showcase, whether it’s rising or already top of its game. We’ve interviewed a wealth of artists, including Strange Bones, Calva Louise, Kid Kapichi, False Heads, Walt Disco, SNAYX, Apollo Junction, Old Man’s Money, God Damn and more.

Are Record Weekly’s interviews paid opportunities?

No, Record Weekly doesn’t pay for or receive payments for any interviews. Artists are interviewed on a purely voluntary basis for exposure and the content they provide is at their discretion.

Do you have to pay Record Weekly to review your music?

Absolutely not. Unlike many reviewing sites now, it’s very much Imogen’s belief that you shouldn’t have to pay someone to write about your music; if they enjoy what they hear, they should be all too glad to wax lyrical about it. It’s always really appreciated if you share any reviews of your work written by Record Weekly though, as a bit of exposure never goes amiss.

How long has Record Weekly been running?

Since 2015, Record Weekly has been active. But it underwent a major overhaul in 2019 to focus on gig reviews exclusively. It was then revamped once more to completely diversify in March 2020, and has been a fully developed site with a social media presence since then.

Is Record Weekly independent or part of a bigger brand?

Record Weekly is independent but linked to its sister brand, Thistle PR & Promotion. While, at Record Weekly, we work with artists to promote their work through interviews and reviews, that’s on a voluntary basis only.

Can I copy and paste from Record Weekly?

No, the content rights are reserved by Record Weekly. That means the words are those of the writer or writers, either deriving originally from artists who’ve provided interview answers or information, or they’re straight from the writer/writers themselves.

What is EPK writing and consultancy?

EPK writing and consultancy is a secondary arm of Record Weekly that now runs through Thistle PR & Promotion. It is a service offering the writing or editing of EPK (electronic press kit) bios that artists require for promotional purposes.

While there is some fee attached, artists can liaise with Imogen about all the details.

Does Record Weekly attend events as press?

Yes, and this was a very exciting development as of September 2021. If event organisers have invited Record Weekly as press, it will be outlined in any related posts and articles.

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