Got a question for Record Weekly? We might’ve answered it here on our FAQs.


Where is Record Weekly based?

Record Weekly is based in Leeds, UK.

What does Record Weekly provide?

Record Weekly is a one-stop shop for album, single and gig reviews, alongside interviews and music-related articles.

Does Record Weekly interview lots of different musicians?

Absolutely. Record Weekly is always on the lookout for talent to showcase, whether it’s rising or already top of its game. We’ve interviewed a wealth of artists, including Brandon Rivers, Apollo Junction, Old Man’s Money, God Damn and more.

Are Record Weekly’s interviews paid opportunities?

No, Record Weekly doesn’t pay for or receive payments for any interviews. Artists are interviewed on a purely voluntary basis for exposure.

How long has Record Weekly been running?

Since 2015, Record Weekly has been active. But it underwent a major overhaul in 2019 to focus on gig reviews exclusively. It was then revamped once more to completely diversify in March 2020, and has been a fully developed site with a social media presence since then.

Is Record Weekly independent or part of a bigger brand?

Record Weekly is entirely independent. While we work with artists to promote their work through interviews and reviews, that’s on a voluntary basis only.