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The Record Weekly family has expanded into PR, promotion and management for bands and artists. As you’ll know, the site is run by Imogen Goulding, a marketing copywriter and editor with a background in language, linguistics, publications content and music retail.


Great news for England and Scotland! We’re currently based in Leeds and Glasgow, splitting time between the two. 


Despite our appreciation for flowers, we’re not a florist. Getting your music out there is the most important thing — we get it. So that’s precisely where Thistle PR & Promotion comes in…


They say the devil’s in the detail, so you can scroll down for all the info you need to know. But just want the cold, hard facts? Thistle manages Kamora, writes all press for PAGES., handles bookings for Wolforna and has written EPK bios for all three, plus Majesty Palm, Level Head and VIGILANTI. More updates pending.


As a band or artist, you can expect not only a diligent, well-organised service from Thistle PR & Promotion, but slick, sharp content constructed by a professional. And everything’s tailored to your marketing needs. Sounds like a win-win to you? That’s because it is.


  • Exacting standards of written communications for bands and artists — that’s the crux of it.
  • Beyond the words, fair and honest representation is the height of importance, without anything too stuffy or corporate. We want to establish a simple and transparent relationship between marketers and musicians.
  • Promotion that’s relevant to you and your music. Of course.


  • EPK Bios

Need a bio that sets out your stall? Hire Thistle to write up fully-fledged wording for your EPK at one outright cost. We’ve done this for Majesty Palm, Level Head, VIGILANTI and all other artists we handle or have handled management, press or bookings for (see below).

  • PR and Press Releases

This package often goes in tandem with EPKs. It involves writing your press statements for new music that you’re releasing, for a flat fee. Thistle handles this for PAGES..

  • Artist Management

Want someone to cover all the above? Your wish is Thistle’s command. This package handles all marketing, outreach and promotion of music, alongside bookings, networking and any social media captions. The writing of all press comms and EPKs are bundled in, too.

For now, this starts with an agreed percentage cut of a musician’s net profit, pending a six-monthly review. Contact Imogen to discuss this in proper detail.

Scroll down for the roster.

  • Bookings

Securing gigs and festival slots can be another added pressure when you simply want to knuckle down and create music. Consider working with Thistle as your point of contact, in a booking-agent-only capacity. This can be done on a contractual basis, which is what Thistle does for Leeds’ Wolforna.

  • Ad Hoc Services

If you’re just after some assistance with marketing, outreach, promotion, social media posts, networking and general liaising, Thistle is open to discussions about consulting and/or taking on ad hoc jobs at an hourly rate. 



Kamora deliver anthemic indie-rock enriched by memorable hooks, straight from Glasgow. The band’s much-reviewed material has earned them radio plays on BBC Rapal and other stations, plus consistently successful streams — ‘Incomplete’ alone is at more than 11,000 on Spotify. They’ve boxed off This Feeling, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and Broadcast gigs, among others, plus a big headliner at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.

Thistle PR & Promotion formerly managed Glasgow-based alternative-indie outfit, Oh Romance.


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  • Who is Thistle PR & Promotion run by?

Imogen Goulding runs Thistle PR & Promotion. At this stage, it’s just her without a full team, but watch this space.

  • How are Record Weekly and Thistle PR & Promotion related?

Record Weekly and Thistle PR & Promotion are both run by Imogen Goulding, so they’re sister brands.

  • Which artists work with Thistle PR & Promotion?

The roster is always expanding. Thistle PR & Promotion manages Kamora and previously represented Oh Romance.

  • Is there a fee for using Thistle PR & Promotion?

There is a fee for using Thistle PR & Promotion, and different packages have different rates. Please email Imogen at for more information on pricing, depending on your needs.

  • How can I get in touch with Thistle PR & Promotion?

You can email Thistle PR & Promotion at or send a direct message on Instagram. Please allow a day or two for responses — things can be busy!

  • I already have or don’t want a manager — can I still use Thistle PR & Promotion?

Absolutely — you can use Thistle PR & Promotion for all sorts of different written communications and marketing assistance. Please take a look at the packages above, on the main webpage, for more details.

  • I’m not based in Leeds or Glasgow — is that an issue for Thistle PR & Promotion?

Remote working is one of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can deal with Thistle PR & Promotion entirely online.