‘I Don’t Know Why’ — Sunflower Thieves — Single review

Sunflower Thieves — AKA Amy and Lily — package up their sound so neatly that it makes their particular blend of indie-folk accessible for the most pop-oriented listeners. Their soft melodies and harmonies align entirely with their delicate, mallow-soft vocals, and this innate technique is put into play, as always, on their latest single, ‘I Don’t Know Why’. 

The Leeds-based pair have a longstanding, 16-year friendship at the root of their music, which makes their output even more wholesome. It’s also why I find the lyrics of this new offering especially poignant and insightful, as they explore “how the differences in [what we follow] can affect our understanding of [others]”. This message is delivered through gently strummed acoustic guitar strings. Hello, instant Benjamin Francis Leftwich vibes. Just gorgeous. 

Sunflower Thieves’ dreamy tune here pulls me right back to Long Division Festival 2021, too, which was the first time I heard it. Since then, they’ve played plenty of gigs and festival slots, and they’ve even run songwriting workshops. 

If you’re ready for a calming, meditatively fresh new favourite, head to Spotify to spin ‘I Don’t Know Why’. Be sure to follow Amy and Lily’s journey on Instagram and Facebook as well. 

Image via Sunflower Thieves

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