‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’ — Kid Kapichi — Album review

The sophomore serve from Hastings’ finest alt rockers, Kid Kapichi, is a massive, politically-charged musical poking of the bear. ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’ presents a trifecta of satire, scuzzy riffs and seriously on-the-nose lyrics. And it’s all been glossed with the four-piece’s distinctive, signature finish.

Overall, from the first couple of seconds in to the very final sounds, the 11-tune collection flips a riotously enjoyable middle finger to the institution. You’re urged to crank up the volume and let loose. And, naturally, ‘Party at No. 10’ (which I actually thought could’ve been more of a spoof single, despite its undeniable accuracy), still features.

Sure, there are some slower numbers (‘Special’ being my favourite of that cluster), therefore showing their dynamism and versatility, but I’m all about the loud-and-proud anthems. That said, ‘Tar Pit’ brings the tempo down a touch and its slower beat will still make your hips shake, just more rhythmically.

Thought just the singles would be the bangers? Oh, how wrong you were. That’s not Kid Kapichi’s style; they’re hit-makers, after all. The album starts with the mighty ‘New England’ with Bob Vylan, which descends into ‘Rob the Supermarket’, ‘5 Days On (2 Days Off)’ and the final pre-release single of the campaign, ‘I.N.V.U.’, but the real gems for me are unearthed deeper into the record. The best of the bunch? Possibly for its hugely ear-grabbing opening hook; ‘Cops & Robbers’. I’d even position it as a slick and cost-effective alternative to anger management. Bonus.

‘Super Soaker’ is playfully constructed, with -er nouns shaping the lyric sheet and dictating a fun pace to the pumping guitars. But if you really came here for a wild time, ‘Smash the Gaff’ is a face-melter. It’s laden with sarcastic affirmations and plays on the same moaning about life’s monotonies that KK have been delivering us for years now.

They’re making noise instrumentally but in their messaging as well, and this kind of sub-genre is very much flavour of the month; there’s unrest in the country and music allows people to vent about it in a safe space.

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘Cops & Robbers’

Original image via Spotify

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