Interview with The Capollos

Ahead of catching them on tour in November, I briefly caught up with Aberdeen’s rising indie stars, The Capollos. The lowdown as follows…


Hey guys, how’s it going?

We’re all good thank you! How are you doing?

Marvellous, thank you! So, what’s the mood now that restrictions have eased in Aberdeen?

It’s getting better. There are more things happening in terms of bands and DJs playing again. Nightclubs are back open and it all seems positive!

Your tour will be here before you know it. How pumped are you for November?

We can’t wait to get back out there and do our thing. We’ve been waiting and waiting for these gigs to come around, and we’ve been working on new material for all our fans!

If we take it right back to the beginning, how did you form and when?

Lloyd and I [Kyle] have always been in bands, but they’ve never worked out. It wasn’t until I went to college and met Greg that we started to jam as a three-piece. We then needed something else and Brett was the man who we found, and he’s been here from the very start. The missing puzzle piece!

Aw nice! Where did the name come from?

It actually comes from mine and Lloyd’s great uncle, who was Italian. We took it from there and we love the name. It’s sentimental to us.

Which artists have influenced your sound most as a band?

I’d say we take inspiration from all aspects of our own music taste. We’re all big fans of Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane. Obviously, The Last Shadow Puppets come from there, too.

The scene nowadays is flourishing again, with so many new bands, and it’s great. There’s plenty of big ones now, like Blossoms and The Snuts, who are inspiring us as well.

What are the best things about Aberdeen’s music scene? And how about Aberdeen generally?

Everyone gets along and we all support one another. That’s the way things should be, and that’s how it is within our music scene. It’s not a competition to stand out; just do your thing and don’t be a bad guy. That’s our philosophy.

Aberdeen has seen better days generally haha, but hopefully it’ll get better in time. There are plans for the city to get back to how it once was, but the council always say that and it never happens. No shock there!

What’s next on your wish list as a band? Can you share any other news?

We’re playing Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday 19th [September], which we’re buzzing about! But away from gigging, we’re gonna have new tracks out soon and just keep writing generally as well. You’ll just have to wait and see what comes next for us!

The Capollos. Image credit: Hannah Powers

Not yet familiar with The Capollos? Get into their tunes now over on Spotify, and be a doll and follow their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, too.

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