‘a.m.’ — Jessica Luise — Single review

The signature dreaminess of Jessica Luise’s vocals is in no short supply on her fresh new single, ‘a.m.’. This song follows the super-successful ‘Nice Try’, which people are still steadily streaming in their masses, and comes ahead of her upcoming EP, ‘Going In Blind’. 

This just-dropped bop is a melodic, reflective tune that traverses vulnerability and helplessness, while incorporating the classic indie pairing of guitar strings and drums. It’s got a slight country-rock/folk vibe to the verses, then you get these token electronics when the choruses rumble in. The harmonic oohs and ahhs pepper the piece with some serious catchiness, too. 

Jessica Luise was one of the first female artists we interviewed, so it’s great that the Manchester singer is doing so well. This lead single is a decent indicator of what we can anticipate from the EP — humble lyrics, delicate notes, an injection of fun. 

You can check out ‘a.m.’ on Spotify now, and why not head to the socials to give Jessica Luise a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Jessica Luise. Image credit: Petty Management

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