‘Clouds’ — Peal — Single review

Dundee-based Peal return with a zesty-fresh, ultra-exciting indie-pop track that’s even bolder than their typically quirky, psychedelic blueprint promises. While the band formed back in 2019, they’ve been going from strength to strength since, and ‘Clouds’ is testament to this.

Consider yourself a fan of Goan Dogs, alt-J, Radiohead or all three? Well, this one will certainly hook your ears. With its overarching, introspective themes about reflection and daydreaming about better things bubbling to the lyrical fore, it’s an all-round well-crafted piece. 

If you’re looking to groove to Peal’s tunes in person, they have a couple of upcoming gigs in Glasgow and Dundee. And having supported the likes of Shambolics and Parliamo, you can rest assured they know how to put on a show!

Jump on over to Spotify now to stream ‘Clouds’, and be sure to give Peal a follow on Instagram and Facebook if you’re being all sociable. 

Image via Wonder PR

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