Long Division Festival 2023 Preview

It’s official and we’re sad about it: Wakefield’s premier day-long music festival is shutting up shop this year. Long Division has been a favourite among not only locals in West Yorkshire and beyond, but for bands and artists both on the rise and with some household-name tunes behind them. 

So to get you and your ears adequately prepped for what’s in store and utterly unmissable on Saturday 10th June, here’s Record Weekly’s 20 must-spin tracks ahead of the fabulous finale. 

  1. ‘Once More with Feeling’ — Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
  2. ‘Better Than This’ — Van Houten
  3. ‘The Snitching Hour’ — DEADLETTER
  4. ‘1:18’ — Opus Kink
  5. ‘Lip Sync’ — Drahla 
  6. ‘Let Your Dogtooth Grow’ — The Orielles
  7. ‘The Turning of Our Bones’ — Arab Strap
  8. ‘The Right Track’ — Spielmann 
  9. ‘Diamonds Gold (Ice, white & black) — Too Many T’s
  10. ‘Happy’ — bdrmm
  11. ‘Don’t Be Another’ — Skinny Pelembe
  12. ‘Greater Place’ — SISTER WIVES
  13. ‘I Don’t Know Why’ — Sunflower Thieves
  14. ‘Open The Box’ — Tiger Island
  15. ‘Hugh Hunt’ — Little Hand Feet
  16. ‘Soak’ — Tummyache
  17. ‘SALE’ — Hang Linton
  18. ‘Hummingbird’ — Lady
  19. ‘Rainbow’ — Epilogues
  20. ‘Tech Noir’ — Galaxians

Need to whet your appetite further? Head over to the Long Division website now to check out more about the scheduled events across the weekend, the Saturday line-up and tickets, and other key details.

Poster artwork via Hanglands


Please note: press access is with thanks to Hanglands

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