‘The Devil’ — Darlings — Single review

Championing and promoting local talent is one of the things Record Weekly enjoys doing most, so it’s very cool to introduce Darlings to the site and our readers. 

The two-piece, Leeds-based outfit has just dropped ‘The Devil’, a stonking self-produced and mixed song that follows on from their 2020 EP, ‘Pink Cloud’. And if my recommendation wasn’t enough, let it be known that the lads worked with none other than The Strokes’ producer, Gordon Raphael, on that four-tracker. 

Raw vocals, glitchy, distorted guitars and a mix of synths all play their parts in this ace new single. It’s so well developed that you have to remind yourself it’s just the two of them behind it! 

This alt-indie/electronic tune is playful, dynamic and definitely catchy, so you’ll want to open Spotify up ASAP and give this a spin. The awesome music video — which was filmed in a derelict Manchester factory by Happy Daze — is yours to view on YouTube, too. Want to follow the band for more news? Facebook and Instagram are where it’s at. 

Image credit: Darlings

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