‘Heavens Gates’ — Luna Blue — Single review

The Brighton-based alt-indie four-piece, Luna Blue, are back with an exciting single that absolutely measures up to expectations following their previous release, ‘How Does It Feel?’. After chatting to the band recently, it’s clear that they’re planning to grab the bull by the horns musically — including through their Run To Tomorrow tour — and ‘Heavens Gates’ is certainly propelling them towards that glowing future. 

Eerie, muffled, almost echoed vocals build into this energetic, explosive indie hook that totally steals the show. The quirky riffs on the verses give us more reason to buy into the comparisons to Two Door Cinema Club, but Luna Blue very much have their own instrumental niche. 

Underneath that, though, is a set of lyrics that traverses a protagonist driving away from a city in search of a grass-is-greener situation, whereby they don’t have to accept being isolated or at sea anymore. There’s a clear link between Tom’s penning of lines here and the pandemic that’s been unravelling. That shift towards a person going after something less mundane is really well put across by the catchy indie vibes of the piece. So, all in all, it’s another well-timed, summer-ready hit that’s set to soar.

Image credit: Crying Elephant

You can stream ‘Heavens Gate’ over on Spotify and SoundCloud now, plus you can stay plugged into all the latest from the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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