‘Going In Blind’ — Jessica Luise — EP review

You’ll recall Record Weekly’s review a few weeks ago of Jessica Luise’s gorgeous single, ‘a.m.’. Now, she’s here to hit us with her new EP, ‘Going In Blind’.

Proceedings kick off with that previously released tune, ‘a.m.’, which sets the tone really well. The Manchester songstress gives us three others that follow on, beginning with ‘Stargaze’, a slightly rockier, punchier melody. It’s a playful piece that’s actually been waiting for its airtime a while, as it’s one of the first bits of material Jessica Luise ever wrote.

A softness then enters. ‘Three Steps Forward’ is much more acoustic-sounding, though does build into another indie anthem. It’s a refined piece that’s positioned as a thanks to her parents for their teachings and guidance — does it get more stirring? Just another example of Jessica Luise’s flair for the honest and humble. 

Last but certainly not least, lullaby-esque ‘Bedroom’ closes the EP in a gentle, soporific fashion, once again demonstrating how note-perfect the feminine vocals are throughout. While ‘a.m.’ and ‘Stargaze’ are my personal standouts, and they’ll go down well with Wolf Alice and Fleetwood Mac fans, this lighter, subtler piece absolutely has many merits. 

Jessica Luise. Image credit: Petty Management

Ready to hear the full EP for yourself? You can spin ‘Going In Blind’ on Spotify now. For more news about gigs and releases, make a beeline for Jessica Luise’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 

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