Artist spotlight: Nova Twins

I haven’t put together one of these spotlight features since August (*gasp*), so it’s definitely the prime time to turn the camera to Nova Twins. I gave them a shout-out in the rising female-led bands article recently, but they deserve a much deeper dive. 

A brief blurb

I’ve you’re already familiar with Nova Twins, AKA Amy and Georgia, it’s probably because you’ve got great taste. Or maybe it was through their collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon, ‘1×1’. Either way, their niche is akin to Royal Blood’s, in a sense; they are two musicians relying on vocals, a guitar and a bass. But this slick duo is made of two fundamentally feisty females that have been endorsed by Kid Kapichi, which is always a good sign. 

In 2014, the pair formed BRAATS, though it wasn’t long until they changed their monicker to go by Nova Twins instead. Fair play. And since then, their progression has been gradual but in an upwards trajectory. They’ve toured with the likes of Little Simz, Skunk Anansie and Wolf Alice, which doesn’t get much more spectacular. Ready to get into their tunes? Record Weekly can help with that… 


Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Lose Your Head’

‘Devil’s Face’

► ‘Taxi’

► ‘Play Fair’


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