‘TYRON’ — slowthai — Album review

Few UK rap/grime artists really make the cut for me. To be blunt, I just find some material sounds more like a bloke placing an order at the local chippy than it does a decent, cultivated track. But when artists get a right, it couldn’t excite and resonate with me more. One such example is slowthai.

Tyron Frampton — slowthai as we know him — is a man renowned for his politically charged, frightfully accurate lyrics, who pushes the boundaries at every hurdle. And now he’s back with his electrifying sophomore album, ‘TYRON’ (I wonder where that inspiration came from), which is peppered with incredible collaborations to rile up our ears.

He’s spared no expense on the big names here, which, frankly, does make this record all the more appealing. As I said, I’m no devout grime fan. While Skepta joins him on ‘CANCELLED’, it doesn’t get much more glamorous than the A$AP ROCKY pairing we receive on ‘MAZZA’.

As the album progresses, he ditched the all-caps titles in favour of a totally lowercase system, and it’s here you’ll find the honest verses hammering home. They’re best evidenced by ‘nhs’ and the album finisher, ‘adhd’.

Thought that was it for major artist collabs? No sir, you’re mistaken — and sorely! Play one of my favourites on the record, ‘terms’, and you have slowthai teamed expertly with Dominic Fike and Denzel Curry, two artists who’ve risen to fame in recent years. Meanwhile, there’s beauty to behold on ‘feel away’, which features two absolute behemoths, James Blake and Mount Kimbie. It’s not the cool combo any of us expected, but this electronic indie injection hits good and proper. And while it has more than its fair share of bursts of brilliance, it probably won’t be my album of the year, so that leads me nicely to my recommendation…

If you only download one track, let it be: ‘feel away ft. James Blake & Mount Kimbie’

Slightly tweaked but original image credit: DIY Mag

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