Rising female-led bands to hear ASAP

Female-led and all-female bands aren’t hard to come by. In fact, there’s talent in abundance out there, and we want to continue to give these artists the recognition, airtime and kudos they deserve in spades. At the moment, we’re completely hooked on various outfits, but this full throttle five are our top, rising bands with female vocalists to hear ASAP.

Calva Louise

Fronted by Jess Allanic, three-piece Calva Louise serves electronic alt rock at its finest. They’re powerful enough as a trio, but when they team up with the fierce Strange Bones, the synths and riffs reach a whole new level. 

Very blue shot of Calva Louise, Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, January 2020

Dead Naked Hippies

As with Calva Louise, I’ve had the pleasure of catching Dead Naked Hippies twice. This means I’ve seen frontwoman Lucy Jowett command crowds while punchy guitars and piercing drums marry up to make thrashing rock wizardry. 

Nova Twins

Between Amy and Georgia, they’re onto a winning recipe. Their punk-meets-grime blueprint is uniquely bewitching, with cutting electronics and big, bad bass guitars underpinning every one of their tracks. They’re on the must-see list. 


Pinned down as masters of ‘pop rock’ and ‘noise pop’, VUKOVI offers the sort of guitar-fuelled electronics that wouldn’t be out of sync in an alternate all-Nintendo reality. The band is led by Janine Shilstone, whose vocals fit the brief expertly. 

The Mysterines

Heavy on the alt rock while incorporating a spoonful of grunge and metal, The Mysterines are fearless with Lia Metcalfe’s searing vocals adding the edge. The Liverpool-based band is another set to take the rock realms by storm. 

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