‘Estranged’ — Radio Aftermath — Single review

In a bid to make 2021 go off with a bang, bands are hurtling out of their recording studios with brand-new offerings. Radio Aftermath are among these, but they’re cleverly back just in time to cash in on the Valentine’s Day hype with their new single, ‘Estranged’. Underneath all the punchy rock riffery veiling the vocals, there’s a break-up song being unleashed. 

This explosive new track marches in with thudding drums and fierce guitars, which guides the four-piece Leeds outfit down a path to alt rock, with post-hardcore influences taking hold. It goes beyond the pop-punk safety net Radio Aftermath had originally found so inspiring, and you can really hear these developments as they navigate the song. Their progression to heavy rock is on full display. 

The more you play this piece, the more you understand it’s no wonder they’re tipped for fans of acts such as Queens of the Stone Age and Lonely The Brave — their feistiness is palpable! I get Trivium- and Alexisonfire-esque notes in there, too. 

If this mammoth track makes you eager to hear more from Radio Aftermath, you can keep up with their latest news and releases on Facebook, SoundCloud and Spotify

Image credit: Rob Burns of Radio Aftermath

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