‘Since The Dog Died’ — Fuzzy Sun — EP review

Through their brand-new EP, ‘Since The Dog Died’, it’s clear that Fuzzy Sun aren’t settling for anything less than making an impact. They harness all the richness and key quirks of the rock, pop and electronica genres, so you can see why Clash, The Line of Best Fit and Gigwise are all on board. 

The scuzzy sounds of the previously released ‘Fake It’ are the backbone of this explosive indie ripper in particular. Due to its sheer vigour, it remains the hit from the EP, but there’s stacks more to relish on this six-song collection. Processed drum beats, distorted riffs and some Blossoms-esque leanings can all be detected throughout. 

There’s a supercharged cheeriness to the toe-tapping melody of ‘Morning Light’, which is juxtaposed by the soft and delicate nature of ‘Koln’. It adds a different dimension to the rest, before you reach the final track, ‘Moviestar’, that is. Its fading-out, pause-for-thought qualities make it the gentlest of the offerings, with organic, subtly-plucked strings. 

But if brasher is better for you, get a load of the crowd-pleasing, festival-ready bopper, ‘China Pearl’. It’s their latest single from Fuzzy Sun’s EP campaign, and it’s obvious why it was picked. It’s just so uptempo. And don’t go anywhere if you’re into Bloc Party — the synth-pop tune ‘Time Out’ is a fun piece, too, and it even serves us some Spanish-guitar-style acoustic strums as well. 

Image courtesy of Sonic PR

‘Since The Dog Died’ is out now on Spotify. Be sure to give Fuzzy Sun a follow on Instagram, too. 

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