‘Good Grief’ — John Parry — Single review

Back with a tender new track all about processing the passing of a parent and staying strong at their funeral, 24-year-old John Parry is, once again, on top songwriting form. The East Londoner embraces his accent every step of the way, with his trademark spoken vocals flying the flag for southern singers as a sheer bonus.

Parry’s been very transparent about depression over the years, and he’s now championing sobriety and dealing with feelings at the time. This ethos is projected through this honest, humble new offering, produced by Oliver Keenan-Lyu. While the theme is around great sadness, the mellow guitar strums allow the sentiment to be delivered in a neat, delightfully indie-style package.

It’s a delicate, melancholic piece that will certainly resonate with many. But beyond empathising with the subject matter, you can certainly enjoy the shoegazy, sway-along-to-it nature of the song. Another gem from John Parry, if you ask me.

Listen to ‘Good Grief’ on Spotify now, and be sure to follow the artist’s Facebook and Instagram pages now.

Image via John Parry

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