Inside the mind of… Oh Romance

With Glasgow as their oyster, alternative/indie band, Oh Romance, have a lot in the pipeline. Want to get to know a bit more about them? Step right this way…

Who would you say you’re for fans of?

Alex: I think we pull our influences into the song-writing process, but you’ll definitely be into us if you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Wolf Alice.

Keir: That’s a hard one as we have quite an eclectic mix in our song bank, inspired by many different genres, artists and bands. I’d say the recurring acts that come to mind would be Blossoms, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, The Last Shadow Puppets, and really just alternative and indie bands in general.

Blair: Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and The Bottlemen, and maybe Depeche Mode.

When you aren’t writing massive tunes, what do you do with your spare time?

Alex: Working the day job and studying — that’s as exciting as it gets!

Keir: Work, work, work at the moment. Gotta pay the leccy bills for our extensive mix of boutique amps and pedals — it ain’t cheap.

Blair: Just spending time listening to tunes and getting a few bevvies with mates while we can!

If you could tour with any band, still going or not, who would it be?

Alex: The Strokes.

Keir: Oh aye, has to be The Strokes.

Blair: That’s a difficult one, but probably Kasabian or The Cure for me.

Name your top three venues on the global bucket list.

Alex: Barrowland Ballroom, The Troubadour (LA) and, of course, the Cavern Club. The latter goes without saying! (The Globe Theatre seemed far too ambitious.)

Keir: Barrowland Ballroom, Royal Albert Hall and KEXP Gathering Space.

Blair: Definitely agree about Barrowland Ballroom, but I’d also go for Madison Square Garden and Wembley.

Would you rather a world with no Buckfast or no Irn-Bru?

Alex: As big of a fan as I am of both, genuinely couldn’t live in a world without Irn-Bru. Nectar.

Keir: All I will say is this, Barr, BRING BACK ORIGINAL IRN-BRU. And for the tonic, stay classy.

Blair: With no Buckfast, how else are you meant to cure a hangover?

Image credit: Daniel Blake

For the lads’ latest gigs, tunes and general shenanigans, head right here.

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