‘Cascade’ — Paradise Circus — Single review

I’m big on guitars — always have been, always will be — and regular Record Weekly readers will be aware of that. But this delicious new track from Birmingham four-piece, Paradise Circus, flies the flag for piano keys being what’s right at the fore. 

‘Cascade’, their freshest offering, has a multitude of honest, modest qualities. This classically indie tune heroes the instruments in the main, with soft string riffs merging with the chief piano melody, and the pitter-patter of the fast-but-gentle drum beat peppering this piece with even more dynamism. It’s certainly a more tender, humble example of what this rising outfit can do.

There’s no harm in a cheeky name-drop, which is why it’s worth me mentioning that the song was recorded by a big-leagues team of Chris D’adda (The 1975), John Catlin (Inhaler) and John Davis (U2, Led Zeppelin and so on). With that factored in, it’s really no surprise that NME have recently been singing the band’s praises! 

Ready to stream it for yourself? Whizz over to Spotify now. You’ll also find Paradise Circus on Instagram and Facebook

Image courtesy of Sonic PR

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