‘ABCDEpression’ — Wilko Wilkes — Single review

If there’s one Leeds-based artist who pushes the envelope at every stage, to their output’s great benefit, it’s Wilko Wilkes. And he’s back to deliver us a pre-Christmas gift in the form of ‘ABCDEpression’.  

This well-thought-through track not only possesses a slick title with a play on words, it tests lyrical limits by mixing them with the lexical, which has resulted in a fully-rapped set of bars in alphabetical order. While it’s cleverly tackled, each element focuses on a core experience with depression, backed by a claustrophobic, tight beat. Stay tuned as ‘z’ nears and you’ll be in for a fun twist as well… 

Eager to give it a spin? You can now stream the record on Spotify. Make sure you’re following Wilko Wilkes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest, too. 

Image credit: Wilko Wilkes

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