‘America’ — Le Junk — Single review

Presenting quirky, sparkly electronics with deep, breathy vocals to us, the London-based Le Junk returns. ‘America’ is the latest genre-bending marvel from the unassuming artist, who’s recently received pats on the back from The Line of Best Fit and 1883 Magazine, so you know you’re in for something royally groovy here.

The old-school disco/club vibe of this track is bolstered by its almost clicking, tinkling sounds that run throughout, at a gentle, melodic pace. While it trundles to a slower beat, it has stacks of character, which is something you can generally expect from Le Junk.

You can stream ‘America’ alongside the other alt-pop gems from Le Junk on Spotify now. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users, get on over to follow this solo sensation on the socials, too. 

Image courtesy of Sonic PR

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