HYYTS, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

This is it. The first ever Record Weekly review of a Glasgow gig. YES. And hitting the infamous, iconic King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut was an even cooler experience than imagined…

I casually timed it just right and rocked up those well-trodden stairs just as HYYTS started playing. The venue was an edgier little place than the photos do justice — bigger than Leeds’ Oporto (granted, that’s not hard), but that kind of vibe. And as I strode into the crowd, everyone was buzzing. The lights were giving off severe party vibes in their kaleidoscopic colours and HYYTS — AKA Sam and Adam — were in their electro-pop element. It was a post-pandemic, delayed comeback and then some. Does it get any better?

HYYTS, King Tut’s Wah Was Hut, Glasgow, August 2021

The pair don’t yet have a back catalogue quite as long as your arm, which is actually a win gig-wise at this stage — you’re guaranteed to hear every single belter. ‘Blue & White’, ‘Avalanche’ and ‘SOS’ were absolutely explosive ground-shakers for me, while the deliriously catchy, though somewhat melancholy, ‘Kinda Need You Here Tonight’ packed even more punch. Its impactful lyrics certainly felt enhanced with it being performed in Glasgow. Every HYYTS song is infectiously spellbinding, though there’s a unique frankness and candidness to each, too.


I’d undoubtedly say the so-called ‘Scip-hop’ (Scottish hip-hop, of course) gem, ‘Car Crash Carnivore’, was another standout, while their immense cover of Erasure’s (or Wheatus’, depending on your age…) ‘A Little Respect’ was on another level.

King Tut’s stairs

The whole event had a dramatic excitement to it, right from the unadulterated pop bops to finally meeting Sam and Adam afterwards. You might’ve caught my interview with them, so it was nice to finally say hello, and also revel in the palpable gigging giddiness of a Summer Nights show at King Tut’s.

HYYTS, King Tut’s Summer Nights times

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