(Not) Sentimental — San Francisco — Single review

Most people in the UK know 5th November as Bonfire Night. It’s also now the start of ‘Lockdown 2.0’. For San Francisco, it’s the release date of his second single, ‘(Not) Sentimental’. 

We were thrilled to be sent a preview of the track ahead of schedule, so we’ve been enjoying a few sneaky plays during the past week. It’s yet another fantastic indie ballad that’s lyrically relevant in the present day, yet wouldn’t be amiss among the 2000s hits of The Libertines, Bloc Party and co. It’s an undeniably triumphant follow-up to ‘Just Friends’. 

Back in August, we interviewed Iwan Grant, the brains and talent behind the San Francisco monicker. It was obvious then how much work he’s been putting into this project and the sounds are testament to that.

There’s an explosive lead riff over the upbeat chords that underpin ‘(Not) Sentimental’. And, when stitched together, it’s nothing but catchy. The hook descends into an almighty chorus that’ll be lodged in your head all day. Grant’s vocals are smooth and suit the tone harmoniously. It really is the sort of quintessentially indie tune that confirms that the genre is still very much here to stay, even in an age where bands can’t seem to stop themselves tinkering with synths.

Single artwork credit: Iwan Grant of San Francisco

All in all, this refreshing indie anthem is an honest piece that you really need to hear ASAP. It’s just a few clicks away on Spotify, so go on, have a listen now.

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