‘Like You’ — More In Luv — Single review

The Merseyside four-piece, More In Luv, are back with a booming new, sizzling summer track, ‘Like You’. It’s a guitar-led indie-pop piece that’s interlaced with pumping synths, as standard, but they’ve woven a few quirky ringtone samples into this fresh bop, too. It’s a joyful jam and then some.

There’s an uptempo pace to this tune, so it lends itself to gym playlists, chilled al fresco evenings and clinking drinks on rooftop terraces. But it’ll be a ripper in front of a crowd as well, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that the lads are being scooped up for gigs — and what’s available ticket-wise has been selling well!

Image credit: Petty Management

What bolsters this funky record’s cheekiness is the playful marketing around it. Dial (+44) 7440015698 and you’ll get through to the band’s hotline. How good is that? Give it a go! (Do we reckon they really answer using this old Nokia, though?)

Image credit: Petty Management

If you’re on the shy side, you can just head straight to Spotify or SoundCloud now, or give their social channels a follow. They’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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