Interview with HYYTS

While most of you are at the pub, shivering over an al fresco pint, I’m here to shout about my latest interview. And I’m chuffed to spill that it’s with none other than Glaswegian pop duo, HYYTS…

Image credit: HYYTS via Big Music MGMT


Hey Sam and Adam, how’s it going?

Hey! It’s going fab thanks; we’re just cutting about really, sitting down and trying to write songs a lot, despite having nothing to write about haha. But we’re still trucking and loving life.

How are you generally feeling 2021 after the past year?

There’s obviously still a long way to go but, now that summer’s on the agenda with restrictions easing and gigs back in sight, we’re feeling great about it! As long as we can be playing and watching gigs soon, then we’re all good. But yeah, it seems that a really positive time is coming and people understand how easy we have it after things have been so limited lately. So yeah, bring on summer!

Tell us about where and how it all began for HYYTS.

Well, we started off just as best friends. We’ve been friends since we were ten but on quite different paths. I studied musical theatre at the RCS and Sam was a nightlife promoter in Edinburgh, but we ended up living together in Dundee and just getting drunk and making tunes together. It all kind of went from there!

Describe your sound in three words.

Erm, this is a tough one! I guess I’d say ‘emotional boys dancing’ might be the best three, haha.

What are your biggest accolades to date?

We’ve had some super things said about us and we won a Scottish Music Award, which was mental. But I think the best thing has been having fans. Like, it’s really weird that people adore our music to the point that they geek out over it, and we’ve become good friends through the internet with a bunch of them. It’s just so cool because we listen to and equally geek out over a lot of the same music, so to know they also like our stuff is just really ace. It makes it all feel real!

What are you most looking forward to gig and festival-wise this year, all being well?

We have some really exciting plans to tour and play a big hometown show in Glasgow, so that’s probably it. Festivals are still a bit up in the air for us, but we’ll be at them as punters or performers if they’re on. I was really looking forward to going to Download last year to see my fave band, System of a Down, so hopefully that goes ahead at some point!

Everyone has their favourite things about their local music scene — what are yours?

Good question! Glasgow is great for music and it has a really flourishing pop scene that we’re really lucky to be a little part of. I guess the best thing is that it’s kinda like a weird family vibe. Everyone knows each other and it’s less competitive because I think we’re all rooting for each other in the big picture, which is really nice.

That is SO nice and encouraging! Which artists’ songs are you enjoying most at the moment?

Oh wow, so many! Taylor Swift as always, but also Daniel Romano, Bill Wurtz, The Magnetic Fields, Petey, Biig Piig… The list goes on!

Can you let us in on any upcoming plans/releases?

Yes! We’ve got an EP coming out in a couple of months and three more releases before then! So keep your eyes peeled. But, for now, go and listen to our new song ‘Blue & White’!

HYYTS. Image credit: Cian McKenzie

So, there you have it another Scottish act on the up, and one that’s got a future blossoming in the pop sphere. If you’re keen to stay clued into all their latest news, you can follow HYYTS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, while their tunes can be relished on Spotify.

Get set to have a helluvatime on 4th June…

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