‘Loser’ — Two Skies — Single review

Two Skies are on a roll now. They’re rather quickly following up on their debut release, ‘Another Way’, with this stellar new single, ‘Loser’.

Image credit: Two Skies

Quite plainly, the lyrics are to-the-point and delivered very frankly. The call-and-response format of the track’s first verse being the male perspective and the second verse the female is a pretty playful one, and something that came to Cal after a Twitter scrolling session. Someone’s candid announcement via tweet that a person considered them a ‘loser’ has oddly spawned this really catchy, very straight-talking piece — thankfully!

The indie-pop drum beat sets the pace for the jangly guitar melody, while you’ll detect interwoven electronics that burst into the background from time to time. The verses are deliberately reflective, while the chorus raises the tempo with a seriously poppy hook.

If Cal and Brad keep this up — which I’m certain they will — we’ll be in for a catalogue of tantalising indie tunes. For now, you can spin their songs on Spotify and SoundCloud, and get following their social posts and antics on Instagram.

Image credit: Two Skies

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