‘Another Way’ — Two Skies — Single review

You can’t beat a bit of indie-pop. I stand by that. Agree? Then get ready to turn the volume right up on the brand-new, debut single, ‘Another Way’, from Two Skies…

Image credit: Two Skies

If you’re into The 1975, LANY, M83 and so on, with all the guitar-led indie goodness sewn in as well, Two Skies are beckoning. So, go on — get into this track pronto.

The jingling tune boasts humble lyrics projected through crystal-clear vocals, cheeky little guitar licks and dreamy keys. Together, it’s a jangly melody that hits the nail on the head when it comes to this modern age take on ‘80s synth hooks. These chaps have very much just assured us of their place in this genre.

The pair behind the band — otherwise known as Cal and Brad — hail from the north west, and this is their first endeavour. But the future’s pretty rosy for them, if their songs continue to take shape like ‘Another Way’. So, be sure to buckle up and follow them on Instagram and add ‘Another Way’ to your current playlists sharpish.

Image credit: Two Skies

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