Inside the mind of… The Sheratons

We last caught up with The Sheratons in 2020, so it’s about time we asked them a few questions in our latest Inside the mind of… feature.

Image credit: The Sheratons

You’re planning a tour and you’re only allowed to choose three venues, but they could be anywhere globally — which places do you pick?

It’s got to be Elland Road for starters, because to play that stadium as a Leeds band is a dream of not only mine [Kane’s] but Alex’s, Emma’s and Fin’s, too. Madison Square Garden in New York would also be on the list — if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! And finally, probably the River Plate Stadium in Argentina. We had best get selling some tickets, I reckon!

If you could collaborate with three artists or bands, who would they be?

Hmm, probably David Bowie, Mike Oldfield and The Who.

What did you guys do first once restrictions started easing?

Band practice!

Have you picked up any lockdown hobbies that you’re keeping up with?

I mean, we’re all walking a lot more, but that’s like everyone, I think.

What’s in store for the next few months?

I would be expecting a song from us in the autumn, and a few very decent shows lined up at the back end of the year as well. It’s going to be good to get things rolling again fully!

Image credit: The Sheratons

We can’t wait for things to be opening up as well! If that’s left you wanting more from The Sheratons, you can catch the Leeds-based four-piece on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, their tunes are waiting on Spotify. Go, go, go!

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