‘Haunted’ — Enfers — Single review

Since playing to a small uni crowd back in March 2020, before the pandemic hit, Enfers have been bubbling away in the background, cultivating and crafting their sound. The Leeds-based, contemporary pop-rock outfit are now here to redefine guitar music as we know it in the modern age. Their first endeavour? The debut single, ‘Haunted’.

The simplicity of the dreamy opening twangs of the chords give a sense that these lads have been around for much longer than they have. And within a couple of strums, they’re putting the guitars first — just as they intended. Seconds in, the song’s polished and smooth, and not dissimilar to what you’d get from Peace or perhaps even Palma Violets or Marsicans. The silkiness of the verses are paralleled by the darker chorus, cleverly conjuring up that haunting sound — fitting, right? 

The gentle pace of the mellow melody we’re given runs the show on this record, allowing the vocals to pierce through to different pitches with ease. And towards the end, you get the guitar solo steamrolling in and commanding all ears. Sam Donley and co aren’t just dipping a toe here, they’re plunging head-first into the music scene. 

Image credit: Enfers via Sam Donley

Eager to hear more? Aren’t we all!? Head over to Spotify and SoundCloud to hear ‘Haunted’ and follow Enfers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Image credit: Enfers via Sam Donley

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