‘Mousetrap’ — Oceans on Mars — Single review

It seems the norm that artists have funnelled their spare time into music during the past year’s lockdowns. But Manchester’s Oceans on Mars are one especially busy outfit. The dust has scarcely settled since their previous single, ‘Mirror’, dropped in January and now they’re back with the uber-grungy ‘Mousetrap’. There are full-sized costumes and everything… 

The alt rockers are a five-piece hurtling towards big things, and this epic new track is yet more evidence of that. While they might have ditched their plaid shirts and trademark dark threads to dress as puzzlingly endearing mice — Tom and Jerry, watch out — to promote the video, they still bring the instrumental firepower they’re known for. And the fierce, deep vocals are well placed in might, too. 

Fuzzy, scuzzy riffs assume centre stage, while thudding drums and a generally glorious, Nirvana-esque sound are also really pronounced. It’s almost hard to grasp that these lads haven’t been around for decades — they’re that adroit and accomplished!

Oceans on Mars. Image credit: Mia Prior

If you’re keen to quit reading and get listening, open Spotify now. Want all the latest? You’ll spy Oceans on Mars on Instagram and Facebook

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