‘Iced Coffee at Midnight’ — Sam McLaughlin — EP review

Liverpool/Northwich-based Sam McLaughlin is a young singer-songwriter who’s been polishing up his debut EP, ready for its release today. ‘Iced Coffee at Midnight’ is the super-quick follow-up to ‘Our Society’, McLaughlin’s very first single, which landed on 23rd April. Instead of spending months teasing fresh tunes after unveiling his introductory sounds to the world, he’s shot straight out of the gate here. And that’s commendable stuff. 

‘Our Society’, a jangly, guitar-led melody, of course features on this three-track EP. McLaughlin’s vocals are strong and true to his accent, so there’s something particularly wholesome about this song, on top of its obvious winning elements. I’m talking delicate riffs, soft drums, utterly honest lyrics. Bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Oasis are recognised and revered for their ease with instruments and vocals, just as McLaughlin should be here, as a solo, just-starting-out artist. Call me bold, but I think that’s fair to say.

‘Little White Pills’ is gentler, with a more fragile subject matter at the centre of the song. Prefer things more uptempo? McLaughlin nails that brief, too. ‘Tommy’ is cheekier with its riffs and has a more rock-and-roll style to it. One for Sam Fender fans. 

Image credit: Sam McLaughlin

In any case, there’s something to suit all ears on this EP, so get playing it on YouTube right away. And if you want to stay clued up about what’s next, follow Sam’s social journey on Facebook and Instagram

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