Interview with Enfers

Leeds-based indie-pop-rockers got in touch a couple of months ago about their slick debut single, ‘Haunted’, and it’s been, without a shadow of a doubt, one of 2021’s top, under-the-radar findings. Want to know more about the band? Of course you do…


Hiya guys, how’s it going?

It’s going well thanks! Thank you for having us on. How are you?

I’m great thanks! What’s your general mood as a band, now that some restrictions are lifting, beer gardens are open and there were those test raves and gigs the other weekend?

Really good. The Blossoms gig looked amazing. It definitely gives more reasons to be positive. The shows being announced in Leeds as well at the moment are so good, so we’re just as excited to see some live music as we are to play!

So, without going too far down the COVID rabbit hole, when and how did you form? And how has the pandemic impacted on you starting out?

Well Jonny and I (Sam) have actually been friends since we were about 13. We used to play in a band together during our school days and, when that eventually fizzled out, we carried on writing songs together and trying to get better at that.

I came to university in Leeds in 2019 and that’s where we met Luke and Aaron.

I guess the pandemic has affected us because we did our first gig literally about a week before the first lockdown happened. We went from our plan being to play as many gigs as possible and not really thinking about recording anything, to completely turning that on its head and spending the last year self-producing the tracks we’ll be releasing soon!

Enfers. Image credit: Reeka Studios

Which artists have been your biggest influences?

All four of us have probably got very different influences, but for me, I’d say the idea behind our sound is: “if Queen had been produced by The 1975”.

Jonny and I grew up loving artists like The Killers and early 2000s pop music. Maybe even a bit of Kylie…

Ooh it’s all coming out now! If you could support three bands, who would they be?

We’re big fans of local bands like The Covasettes and Sunflower Thieves, so would love to play with them. But someone like Elton John would be incredible, too; it’s really cool that he’s still so relevant.

Your debut single, ‘Haunted’, has been really well received — and quite rightly so! How’s the past week felt?

It’s been so nice. It’s a relief to finally have an actual single out and it’s felt like a really long time coming. Everyone’s been so supportive, particularly our friends who’ve got behind the single 100%.

What’s next on the agenda for Enfers? Can you let anything slip about what’s coming soon?

Absolutely! Like I say, we’ve been working on a bunch of songs over the past year and ‘Haunted’ is just the first of them. Our debut EP will be coming out this year and the next single is landing in just a few weeks, so you’ll hear more from us on that very, very soon!

Thanks so much for speaking with us, we’d love to be back!

Image credit: Reeka Studios

And back they will be. Enfers are a rising talent among the Leeds scene, and you can catch them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify now.

Image credit: Reeka Studios

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