Newer bands to watch

There’s no bigger buzz than discovering music — well, you might disagree, but we’re all about panning for new tune gold at Record Weekly. Thanks to Spotify’s ace little algorithms, metrics and data populating, it’s even easier to find just-released material. And recently, the ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist has been serving the goods. 

Here are some of our favourites, if you’re yearning for extra recommendations…

  1. Pink and Blue — Magazines
  2. Working Stiff — Exit Kid
  3. Enough is Never Enough — The Clockworks
  4. I Don’t Care — Spyres
  5. Jump — The Night Society
  6. Kung Fu — Make Friends
  7. Like A Stone — Oslo Parks
  8. Fever — Lime
  9. New Cold War — KHARTOUM
  10. So Nice To Meet You — KOKO

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