‘Wrapped’ 2020

So, here it is… Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’. Sure, it’s splashed all over everyone’s social media and, yeah, it is a little bit annoying after scrolling through your ninth consecutive story, but it’s still relatively interesting.

Screenshot from the ‘2020 Wrapped’ reel on Spotify

Modern Rock, Hip-Hop and Indie Soul, unsurprisingly, were the top three genres. And, of 550 artists listened to, it’s obvious that 2020 has been the year of the bands for Record Weekly. In fact, Nothing But Thieves, The LaFontaines and Kid Kapichi were among the quartet of favoured artists, with Bakar as the deserved fourth.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Band of 2020 feature coming soon, because Spotify’s calculations have just left a massive clue…

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