Interview with Fudge.

The can’t-be-tamed, explosive nature of Fudge. is what makes this riotous four-piece one of the most important, must-watch bands in Leeds. They’re set for even bigger things than city-wide gigging, too, so now’s the prime time to get to know these insanely talented gents…

Image credit: Split Milk via Fudge.


Hey lads, how are you?

Buzzing fam, you?

Good stuff. Not bad thank you! Right then, tell us how Fudge. began. And where did the name come from?

Me (Cam) and Otto were a young 18 years of age, fresh on the scene of Leeds. We’d started a band and needed a name, but we didn’t want something wanky. We were struggling to think of a suitable name. High as kites, we strolled along to Morrisons and got confused by a piece of caramel shortbread. We thought it was fudge and, well, the rest is history.

In terms of the outfit as it stands, did it always make sense for Otto to be the only guitarist or did you originally play as well?

I used to play but not very well and I found it very restricting for what I wanted to do. We evolved out of that phase of Fudge. 

Your honorary member, Hugh, jumps up on stage and gets involved a fair bit. Did he never want to be part of the action full-time?

He can get out if he’s wanting what I’m doing full-time. He should take over Shea, he’s bad anyway and doesn’t even know how to play bass. I joke. Hugh is great at his behind-the-scenes artwork and he’s a good lad to have at a gig. If he wants to get on stage at one or two, he knows he can.

P.S. If you’re reading this, Shea, sorry, ily.

Which artists have influenced your sound collectively the most?

I think everyone would agree on Justin Bieber. JB’s got it, man. Bill Gates too; the Microsoft start-up sound really gets me going. 

Of all the artists you’ve supported so far, who stands out as your favourite?

I think we’d all agree on Kid Kapichi, because they’re sick guys with sick tunes. We supported them on my birthday this year and we had a sick time. Strange Bones also need a very huge mention, but I think they come second.

In a pre-Coronavirus world, you used to hand out fudge at your gigs — how did that come about and who rustles it up?

Angus’ mum makes peng fudge, mate, trust me.

Without going into the details, after Josh’s departure, how did you find Tom, your new bassist?

I think he begged us, if I remember right? Something like, “Cam, your band’s really sick. Please, please can I play bass?”. He’s a good bass player is our Thomas, so we were like, yeah man. He went to uni with Bangus, so that’s how we knew him.

Obviously the pandemic has had a shockingly impactful effect on the music industry. What did you have planned that’s had to be postponed?

PHAT GIGS, MATE! We had festivals lined up and surely more gigs as well, given the releases of our singles and EP. You’ve seen ‘Money to Be Made’ (FIT!), well, there’s more waiting for you. We’re gonna work on tunes and gig like no other. 

What’s in the pipeline, without giving away too much?

TUNES, VIDS, GIGS and other ideas.

And while I’ve got you, how is Angus doing after his hip op?

He’s still sexy! Yeah, he’s sound post-op. 

Fudge. taking on The Wardrobe, July 2019

You’ll definitely want to be following Fudge. from now on. Not sure where to find them? They serve up all kinds of wild content (and most likely more Shea banter) on their Instagram and Facebook.

Fancy treating yourself to some of their merch or familiarising yourself with their previous gig highlights? Have a peep at their website.

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