Strange Bones, Oporto

As I sit here wishing I was about to see IDLES blow the non-existent roof off Bingley Weekender this eve, now seems as good a time as any to look back on Strange Bones’ Oporto gig. Back in June, these hellraisers gave a riotous performance in the packed-out venue with support from local band Fudge. and Calva Louise, who’d been with them throughout their tour.

The latter didn’t gel that well with me – as much as I appreciated the decent sound of Calva Louise, they sadly just failed to wow me. By stark contrast, I can’t rave about Fudge. enough. They’re constantly charging through boundaries and adding more gigs to the calendar. It’s hardly surprising that they were one of four winners of the Futuresound Emerging Competition, which landed them a slot at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals. They’re also on the Bingley Weekender billing. They had a unique command of the ready-to-mosh crowd ahead of Strange Bones and, frankly, this is their norm. They never fail to bring an untenable level of heat and energy.

As anticipated, things got even wilder when Strange Bones took to the stage. Shirts were off, limbs were flailing and the disco ball on the ceiling looked pretty out of place. Given that they don’t have the biggest back catalogue, all the heavyweight tracks were played – ‘Give Me the Sun’, ‘Snakepit’, ‘Vicious.’ and, my personal favourite, ‘Here Come the Wolves’. All killer, no filler. If you’re into aggressive grunge with lung-busting choruses and some token palm-muted riffs, give these chaps a go.


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