‘Money to Be Made’ — Fudge. — Single review

Few bands come equipped with ready-made might, tenacity and drive straight off the bat, but the Leeds outfit Fudge. is different. Their cultivated sound belies their years on the music scene — for the better — and, in spite of their firepower, you know they still have plenty to give.

Image credit: Split Milk via Fudge.

If you’ve ever seen these lads live, you’ll be well aware that their trademark hell-raising blueprint doesn’t mean they scrimp on any skill. Otto’s six-string wizardry provides a masterclass in guitars, Angus’ faultless drumming underpins the lot and Tom’s sturdy bass riffs keep everything in check. When you combine all that with Cam’s feisty, northern-twang vocals, you get a force to be reckoned with, neatly packaged up with one sticky-sweet stage name.

Image credit: Split Milk via Fudge.

In their latest single, ‘Money to Be Made’, the boys play to their same usual strengths, but wow, it packs even more of a punch…

To say it’s Tom’s first single-release rodeo as Fudge.’s new bassist, his deep opening riff fuses with Otto’s lead guitar in silky-smooth harmony. His presence is undeniable, so you’d be forgiven for thinking Tom had always been part of the line-up.

As you get further into the track, the lyrics are cutting and thought-provoking, and you can feel the emotion and dissidence that fuels this material. They don’t subscribe to life’s normalcies or accept things simply are the way the are, just like they don’t constrain themselves to predictable, vocal-led tracks. This band pushes its instrumentals to the fore and gives Otto the airtime his guitar playing so deserves. I can only imagine how incredible this tasty new single sounded as they recorded it live in Leeds’ epic Town Hall.

The trials and tribulations of work-for-every-penny Britain are laid bare on this track. It’s a riotous call to action peppered with political disapproval and downtrodden woe. And don’t even get them started on cash-rich millionaires and billionaires out for their own gain. Team all that with the uncertainty and disarray that a pandemic causes and you’ve got furlough schemes and wage cuts to deal with, too. What a smart time to release a song that tackles these notions of financial struggle and the inner rage that ensues.

Ironically, this anthemic tune merits the money they’ll earn eventually — after all, there’s nothing else they need, as Fudge. otherwise have all bases covered.

Please, please, please don’t do yourself — or them — a disservice by not listening to or downloading ‘MTBM’. You can hear the full single via Spotify now. Desperate for more? Stay up to date with all the Fudge. shenanigans on Instagram and Facebook.

Image credit: Split Milk via Fudge.

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