‘You’re Doing So Well’ — Dim Imagery — Single review

Leeds’ emerging post-punk pioneers, Dim Imagery, are back to show off their signature sound on new single, ‘You’re Doing So Well’; a piece that pairs seamlessly with last year’s ‘Fishing In An Empty Stream’.

The textured track leads with jaunty, picked guitar strings — the sort you might’ve got from an alt-J or Vampire Weekend way back when — yet it packs a modern, alternative twist. It’s nailed the progressive, artsy new wave style, and had Chris Mulligan (W. H. Lung) at the production helm.

Dim Imagery are a fantastic example of a five-piece that works particularly harmoniously, as their individual, complementing roles allow for deft dials up and down in tempo, which creates a beguiling urge for listeners’ ears to stay gripped. Paired with poetic, boundary-pushing lyrics, what they supply here on this latest offering is excellent.

It has the backing of local promoter, Futuresound, alongside the teams at Darkus Magazine and Gigwise, so go on — give it a spin yourself now.

Image courtesy of Dim Imagery

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