‘Darkest Hour’ — Debdepan — Single review

Drizzled in slowly-does-it, genre-bending Warpaint and PJ Harvey vibes, ‘Darkest Hour’ is a triumphantly mellow offering from Debdepan. The band is a two-piece comprising of Grace and Chelsea, so not too dissimilar outfit- and sound-wise to Leeds’ FIKA, but they’ve been, unsurprisingly, picked up by Pie Factory Music’s Emerging Artists and the Wantsum Music? collective. 

This track is a dark, BPM-modifying and atmospheric alternative/indie number, which is sombre and moody in the main, but very hypnotic in its delivery. You’ll feel yourself being drawn in slowly by the first verse and then urged to absorb the entirety of its wholly inviting harmonies as the song goes on. 

Eager to have a listen for yourself? Head over to Spotify now and be sure to give Debdepan a follow while you’re at it. Your late-night playlist will need an update…

Image credit: Debdepan

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