‘Another Day’ — Cascade — Single review

Revel in the soft, slow start for just a moment, before Cascade hit you with the punchy, stabbing riffs of their latest single, ‘Another Day’. It’s a track that punctures beyond the five-minute mark, but it keeps your ears gleefully hooked as the seconds fly. 

The London-based indie-rockers dial up the grungy notes on this piece, which smack of sounds you might get from outfits such as BlackWaters and The Himalayas. The song’s raw edge is fundamentally hugely palatable, and it’s impeccably aligned with guitar-fuelled tunes of the modern day. There’s a playfully fierce guitar solo embedded, too. It’s no wonder they’ve garnered a growing fanbase through shows with This Feeling, and the lads have been filling their summer with fantastic, fruitful festival slots. 

Ready to give ‘Another Day’ a spin? No-brainer, I reckon. Listen now and, if you can’t get enough of what you hear, catch Cascade with Camens on their co-headline tour this October, which Wolforna and The Sheratons will be joining them on in Leeds. 

Image courtesy of Bad Apple Music Group

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