‘Venue Affair’ — Redeemers — Single review

Scuzzy, fuzzy and unashamedly unique, Redeemers’ official debut single, ‘Venue Affair’, puts their best — and loudest — foot forward. It’s an electric opening campaign for the distinctively Mancunian band, who’ve got a little bit of Arctic Monkeys about them, too. 

Whether they shake off those shackles in time or enjoy the favourable comparison, it’s obvious from the riotous sound so excitingly packaged up here that Redeemers are onto big things. The coolly served combination of blistering guitars, shouted vocals and ground-shaking drums make this a truly memorable gambit for the indie-rock quintet. 

It won’t be long until you start to get used to seeing their name. But in the meantime, get streaming and bopping along to ‘Venue Affair’ on Spotify now. 

Image via Wonder PR

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