‘Comet’ — Level Head — Single review

The third single from Level Head is huge and quite simply a roaring display of exactly what this band does best. ‘Comet’ came together very quickly once the outfit got back into the post-pandemic swing of things, and it organically grew from a riff written by their bassist. Here, in its finished form that grabs your attention just seconds in, that riff is the hypnotic centrepiece of the whole song.

While it was recorded alongside their second release, ‘Crash Down’, the four-piece remark ‘Comet’ as their favourite track to date — and, you know what? It’s absolutely mine, too. Beyond that lead hook, you’ve got a confident, striking rhythm section, tight, sharp drumming and a deeply compelling vocal clarity that Level Head are bound to become known for. There’s even a break that gives the piece anticipation-building breathing space before it mounts up to an explosive finale.

‘Comet’ is out now to enjoy spinning. Make sure you’re following the lads on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too!

Image credit: Level Head

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