‘The Gauntlet’ — Harry Jay Robinson — Single review

Namesake-style, Harry Kay Robinson’s throwing down of ‘The Gauntlet’ is almost by way of very publicly bettering his previous single, ‘Sisyphus’, which landed earlier this year.

The rapper-come-soul-artist is blessed with a honey-sweet vocal quality that’s especially well showcased here on this latest track, which also brandishes gently melodic instrumentals throughout. Its lo-fi beat and mellow vibes are complemented by the singer’s off-key spoken vocals, and you’re left nodding along before replaying.

It’s a soft piece to round off June’s summer offerings, so prepare for ‘The Gauntlet’ to feature on your sundowner or bedroom pop playlists. Give it a whirl on Spotify now and be sure to follow Harry Jay Robinson on Instagram.

Image via Amy Illingworth

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