‘Split’ — Majesty Palm — Single review

In just under two months, Majesty Palm — the brainchild of Cameron Robertson and Olivia McCosh — have delivered not only their debut single but a fantastic follow-up. Their sophomore song is more dreamy ‘80s film soundtrack than pure modern-day pop banger, which ‘Peace of Mind’ certainly was. But there are no complaints here — music inspired by that decade can do no wrong by my ears’ standards. So ‘Split’ is a treasure and a half.

While Robertson and McCosh demonstrate oodles of talent musically and vocally, they also recorded and produced the track themselves, only outsourcing the mixing, mastering and artwork.

There’s an angelic, ethereal spirit to this old-school-style, synth-led bop. It’s more wistful and reflective in nature than their first track, so the pair is cleverly starting to put out to the world what Majesty Palm is all about. It’s an exciting time for the new band to get to grips with their fanbase and garner more and more support. They’re already well into 3,000-plus streams territory on ‘Peace of Mind’, which serves as a massive pat on the back.

So, make your own day from 8th April by playing ‘Split’ on all streaming platforms, including Spotify. You’d be silly not to follow Majesty Palm on Instagram and Facebook, too, if you haven’t done so already.

Artwork: Finn Robinson

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