Dayglow, Stylus

Dayglow (Sloan Struble) is an American singer-songwriter based in Fort Worth, Texas. Leeds’ stylus hosted his band this past week and I was there to witness the whole glowing performance…  

Dayglow, Stylus, 31/03/22.
Image credit: Daniel Caddick.

Prolific in their specialised craft, Far Caspian felt quite like the headliner to me. It was as though I’d secured two tickets for the price of one. 

Based upon solo act Joel Johnston, the band’s foundations were formed late 2017 during their time at university, when they all attended the same classes. More music to fans’ ears is that the outfit is based in Leeds. We really know how to do things properly, don’t we? And that they did. A lo-fi, alternative free-roam was delivered first-class to us.

Far Caspian, Stylus, 31/03/22.
Image credit: Daniel Caddick.

Joel smiled throughout the performance, lifting the already merry mood that circulated around the venue. The band and Joel have had flurries of success within the industry. With bragging rights to more than 11 million streams on their 2019 single, ‘A Dream Of You’, Far Caspian is a band with an outlook that should only look up. Perhaps headlining Stylus next…

Far Caspian, Stylus, 31/03/22.
Image credit: Daniel Caddick.

Standing out in this industry is a tough task, especially after the worldwide pandemic, but Dayglow’s fanbase seems to have stuck together like Gorilla Glue. They invite anyone to their shows and guarantee them a hell of a time.

Going round snapping photos and taking it all in, I couldn’t help myself — I just had to dance and enjoy these songs that, for too long now, have belonged only to a record.

Sloan introduced my personal favourite, ‘Crying on the Dancefloor’, with a question to the crowd, which seemed the perfect drift into what was to come. He proceeded to ask, “Do you guys have prom over here?”. You knew what was queued for the next one. I certainly knew, at least. 

Dayglow also treated us to not one but two cover tracks from legendary genres of music. Revolutionary, if you will. Those being ‘Take Me Out’ and ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’. The pleasure was all mine when capturing the insanity of the moshpits forming to ‘Take Me Out’, and the nostalgic vibes that have stuck with us all these years. I don’t even have to mention the effect of ‘Everyone Wants to Rule the World’. There was a tangibly surreal feeling that set the crowd free from all the world’s problems.

A Yorkshire-born audience is never a disappointment. You can barely go five minutes without hearing the classic “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, YORKSHIRE” chant; it’s just a part of who we are! Sloan didn’t quite understand it, however, which actually created quite the wholesome and time-lined part of the gig.

In spite of that, the apparent confusion didn’t stop him from getting involved.

Top marks to the Dayglow band, team and production on this one. The winged lighting technique allowed the main event to be captured in the greatest light for all fans’ phones. And what a night it was.

Dayglow, Stylus, 31/03/22.
Image credit: Daniel Caddick.


Guest gig review contributed by Daniel Caddick

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