Music: the one constant 

Record Weekly began as a place for me to store my thoughts in review format about a newly released album I rated. The sort of setup whereby you type away, publish an article and partially hope that nobody actually reads it, you know? It’s just a blog post.

This site has long since been that; it’s now a growing, thriving platform for showcasing emerging artists, big and small, which is beyond fantastic and exciting for me, as its founder. But my designated arena for aimlessly spitballing and penning my thoughts now feels like a proper public space. People land on the site and they read what’s available. So, here’s a fairly rare article all about just why I write about music.

Ultimately, sound has the power to capture a mood, a moment, right there and then. And instead of it being an ephemeral wave, it’s recorded, documented and scripted for our listening pleasure as music. That’s just a little bit great, isn’t it? You can return to that very same freeze-frame in which you first heard a tune that’s stuck with you since, whenever you desire. Incredible. So, as a writer, why wouldn’t I want to dedicate my words to the subject? 

Music has so, so many genres, too. Within those, you’ve got rhythms and tempos that dictate emotions, or even harness feelings of happiness, sadness and everything in between. That’s a really formidable tool. A unique gift, in fact. 

For so many, including myself, listening to music is ultimately like breathing or drinking water — you do it habitually and naturally, as though it’s just one of life’s necessities. It’s part of the furniture of my daily routine and it’ll shape how that chunk of time unfolds. That’s why it’s constant.

So, although Record Weekly is a haven for sharing musical discoveries, it’s also somewhere you’ll continue to find various entries around the importance of writing about sound.

Image credit: Alex Campbell

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