Artist spotlight: Slipknot

I was definitely late to the Slipknot party. During my early teens, they were synonymous with creepy clobber and not the kind of ‘real’ metal I’d been brought up on, like Metallica. They appeared more about the drama and theatrics of their image than the music they were producing. But that opinion was completely erased when I got older and finally immersed myself in their material.

Nowadays, of course they’re one of the bands you see emblazoned on the t-shirts of posing youngsters who don’t actually know Corey Taylor from Freddy Krueger. I’m not a fan of this tendency among society — it’s fake. For me, at least now I’ve properly got into Slipknot, what’s not to like? I might go as far as saying ‘Duality’ is catchy. Meanwhile, ‘Before I Forget’ is pure scuzz and I incorporate it into my gym playlists regularly (faster cardio, I swear). The drumming is intense and immense, and every riff is as seamlessly stitched with the ferocious vocals as their tightly sewn masks. They’re an impressive outfit, there’s no disputing it.

Their nu metal blueprint arrived back in 1995 and, to say it’s still so revered by many in the present, that’s just another tick in the box for the band. They’ve had various different members over the years and some devoted listeners will have turned their attention also to Stone Sour. So, it’s safe to say they’ve paved the way for the metal genre’s expansion and their impact on music has been colossal. 

Do yourself a favour and seriously give them a go, if you haven’t already jumped aboard.

Original image via Spotify

Top tracks

Here’s an amuse-bouche to get you acquainted:

► ‘Before I Forget’


► ‘Psychosocial’

► ‘Wait and Bleed’

► ‘Spit It Out’


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